“Holly” lives in a quiet Merrimack County town with her husband and two children. She has a great job and a house that she owns. She is lively and generally optimistic about her future.

This is a drastically different Holly from the one we met three years ago.

Holly’s first husband was the ideal mate. He was well known and well liked in the community. He was romantic and attentive, but soon after they were married his attentiveness turned to jealousy. Holly stopped seeing her friends and rarely spoke with her family. Instead of romance, there was anger and biting criticisms.

He made her feel worthless, as though he was the only person who would ever love her. That’s when the violence started and lasted for almost ten years.

When she tried to tell, no one believed her. When she tried to leave, he threatened their two children. Holly lived her life in total fear and in a state of hyper vigilance. For almost ten years, Holly hid the bruises, the scars and the pain.

She was finally able to escape through a series of events that led to her husband’s incarceration for an unrelated crime. She went to a lawyer to seek a divorce and sole custody of the children, so they wouldn’t have to visit him.

She told her lawyer about the violence. He believed her. He referred Holly to CCCNH.

CCCNH victim advocates helped Holly navigate the legal system while giving her the emotional support she needed. In a few short years, Holly was able to get a job and save enough to buy her own house. She and her children see therapists to help them overcome post traumatic stress.

Holly is now in a healthy, loving relationship, proving her abuser wrong. The best part– Holly believes in her future and her children’s futures.

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