Shelter Guest- Amy*

The Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire has changed my life. I am so grateful to have been a guest there. When I first arrived I was scared, shaken, and confused.   I was so far away from home, in another state. I was alone and had no one. I didn’t know what to think because over time, I gave up thinking, my thoughts were not important, I was told.

After many months, my life is mine again.   I have my own apartment and a part-time job. I am me now.   And I know what it means to be me.

While at CCCNH, I learned a lot about myself. About being co-dependent and what that means.   My whole life before CCCNH was trying to please people while giving up a lot of my time, possessions, money and myself. All of a sudden, I was alone and had no one to please which left me to figure out a lot of things. The advocates at CCCNH were very helpful in my transition.   They along with my therapist, helped me through a lot of confusion and how and when to let go.   The “what if’s” and the “buts”

I’ve recently ended my sessions with my therapist because I have nothing to work through. When things come up, I can handle it on my own. If I need help, I know I can still get help at the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire.

None of my accomplishments could have been achieved without the help from CCCNH. I was told that I did all the work and they provided the tools taught me how to use them and checked don my progress along the way. Without them, I wouldn’t know me. I like me. I love me.   And I owe it all to the advocates at the crisis center.