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IN 2017 WE:

Bed Nights

In partnership with Building on Hope, the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire will double the number of people it may shelter on any given night and create The Center for Survivor Support.

Most women experiencing domestic violence are able to find a place to go when they leave. They turn to the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire for support, legal advocacy and referral, and help figuring out what services are available to them and where those services are.

The Crisis Center’s building in Concord is old, with outdated systems, an inefficient floor plan, and a kitchen and bathrooms appropriate for a family of four, not for a shelter that regularly houses 13 women and children.The building also hosts office space for all nine of CCCNH’s staff members.The Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire was selected as Building On Hope’s nonprofit partner for 2018. Described as “Extreme Home Makeover for nonprofits,” the all-volunteer Building On Hope committee will coordinate the use of primarily in-kind contributions to gut the three-story shelter, renovate it, and nearly double its size from four bedrooms to seven, with 24 beds instead of 13.The Shelter renovation will create a warm and welcoming space that will meet the needs of the women and children seeking refuge in the building, while making good use of every square foot in the building.

Support Group Sessions

To provide assistance for victims and survivors.

Community Education Services

Presentations related to domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking.

Safe Court Access

Leading to better and safer outcomes.

Confidential & Dedicated

For mental health services and other community service providers.

Transitional Housing Services

Ranging from affordable housing options to supportive in-home services.

The Center For Survivor Support brings it all together.

Because the expansion of the Shelter depends on the Crisis Center moving its staff offices elsewhere, this project also represents an opportunity.

The opportunity: To purchase and renovate a new building that will become The Center for Survivor Support, a building in which services for all survivors of domestic violence served by the Crisis Center—not just those staying at the Shelter—are provided on site, a building with space for presentations on prevention, support groups for survivors, smaller meeting spaces for counseling, appointments with attorneys, and intakes into social service agencies.

Currently, all survivors served by CCCNH are referred to services they need in the community: law enforcement, legal services, counseling, and other social supports. However, the survivors must get themselves to wherever these services are located—often with children in tow.

In the new Center for Survivor Support, The Crisis Center will focus on creating wellbeing for the survivors by identifying and minimizing the barriers to that wellbeing. These obstacles could be as concrete as the need for affordable housing and transportation, or as profound as addressing substance misuse or the lack of job skills. Whatever the barriers, CCCNH will support survivors as they work to knock down those barriers by connecting with services right in CCCNH’s own building.

Please support the Campaign for the Crisis Center today.

Doing so will help hundreds each year move to a life without violence.

Paula Kelley-Wall, Executive Director, 603-225-7376,

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