AOC is a Violence prevention model that will help our community to form an identity around the values that support survivors, value diversity, encourage self-reflection, build skills and take action in instances where violence may be occurring.

CCCNH is aspiring to create an Agent of Change Identity for the entire community. We recognize that the problems of bullying, sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking are rooted in the common cultural ideas and practices around gender, race and sexuality.

Our goal is to create a community where the exploration and practice of respect, healthy relationships and consent provide people with alternatives to harmful cultural ideas and practices.

We believe that we must create a community identity that embraces action over inaction as a value, or the motivation to act can fade. It is also important to note that identity development is a process not a single event.

Through this prevention effort, CCCNH is engaging our community to take action to eliminate all forms of gender-based violence. Through collaboration and leadership development, we will enhance the well-being and connectedness of all survivors and of our community as a whole.


Building On Hope