Support Groups

Support Groups

Support groups provide assistance for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

The Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire offers a weekly educational support group for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Groups are facilitated by trained advocates who are there not only to offer education, but also to provide support and referral to agencies that meet the needs of a support group member.

Our support group is an on-going, open group but does require an intake. All participants are committed upholding confidentiality of all other group members including the stories and information shared. A typical group begins with a check-in. Everyone checks in with how their week has been, identifying any struggles or high points. After check-in, we begin a discussion or activity. Then, we check-out, making sure everyone is in a safe space.

Discussions cover such topics as learning about boundaries, identifying characteristics of healthy relationships, building support networks, and identifying strengths. Some activities include creating collages, writing prompts, and practicing self-care.

If you’d like more information about support group, please contact our facilitator, Jessica, at 603-225-7376